Firefighting Equipment

This course is non accredited

Course Duration

2 hours (includes both theory and practical training)

Course Cost

$1,200 per session [GST-free] for a group of up to 12 people per session

Course Delivery

Face to Face - this course is delivered at your site 

Cobra provides the fire extinguishers and other material required for the course.

Course Prerequisites

All participants must speak and understand English.

You will need to supply a classroom/training room with tables/chairs and power supply, which adequately seats the number of course attendees together with an appropriate outdoor area to conduct live fire extinguisher training.

Course Overview

This non accredited course is designed to familiarise all employees with the firefighting equipment provided in their workplace. It involves the skills and knowledge required to operate and check firefighting equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and workplace emergency procedures, including identifying and selecting the appropriate equipment, using the firefighting equipment to fight a fire, and checking that the firefighting equipment is operational. 

Course Content

We provide both theory training and practical extinguisher training during this course. Participants view a powerpoint presentation and complete a workbook and quizz. For the practical part of the course, if permitted at your site, we light a controlled fire in a fire pan, or we create a mock fire scenario if we are not permitted to light a controlled fire at your site, and each participant gets experience in handling a fire extinguisher. Standard course topics include:

  • WHS & legislative requirements for checking and using firefighting equipment
  • Types of fires
  • Firefighting equipment best suited to contain and extinguish a fire
  • Emergencies in the workplace 

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, participants should; know how to check firefighting equipment for serviceability, know the evacuation procedures, be able to identify correct firefighting equipment for situations and use the firefighting equipment provided in the workplace.

Participants who successfully complete this course will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.

(This is a non-accredited training course).

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