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Vehicle loading crane (under 10 metre tonnes)

Course Type:

TLID3033 Operate a vehicle-mounted loading crane

(for under 10 metre tonnes capacity)

Course Duration:

6 hours


Min 6 - Max 8 people

Course Cost:

$495 per person (gst-free) for 6-8 people or $2,970 per session for less than 6 people. The course cost includes a proof of training photo card.

Additional Costs:

$TBA travel fees may be incurred if we need to travel outside of Sydney metro area.

$TBA course surcharge may apply to courses conducted outside of 6am-6pm or on Saturdays.

On-site course requirements:

Training is delivered at your site using your equipment. You are required to supply an under 10 metre tonne capacity vehicle-mounted loading crane which is in good working order with up to date maintenance log books and appropriate loads to move for practical training. A classroom with chairs, tables and power supply is also required for theory training. These resources must be available for the course duration.

We can also deliver this at our site; however, you will supply the crane equipment and appropriate loads for the training session.

Secure a Booking:

Once we have discussed and agreed to mutually convenient training dates, to secure our services, you will need to complete a course booking form which we will email to you.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants MUST be over 18 years of age and provide suitable identification.

Participants MUST be able to speak and understand English and understand technical concepts.

Please note that this course is only conducted in English.

Course Delivery:

Face to Face - Training can be delivered at either your site or ours, however you must provide the vehicle-mounted loading crane truck and suitable loads to move, at either location, for the course duration.

Course Overview:

This unit covers the operation of a vehicle-mounted loading crane of under 10 metre tonnes capacity. Both theory and practical training and competency assessments are provided within this course. It includes positioning and stabilising for crane operations, operating the crane, monitoring lifting conditions, packing up the crane and completing job records.

Course Content:

  • Compliance with WHS licensing legislation
  • Communicate and work safely with others in the work area
  • Risk assessment and management procedures (particular awareness of the risks associated with overhead powerlines/electrical cables, ground conditions, crane tipping and demolition sites)
  • Pre-operational check, positioning, stabilising, set up, operation, post-operational checks of a vehicle loading crane including all functions to their maximum extension in the lifting and moving of loads to the safe working rated capacity of the vehicle-mounted loading crane under 10 tonne capacity in conjunction with other associated personnel

Course Outcomes:

All participants meeting the assessment criteria will be issued a Statement of Attainment for TLID3033 Operate a vehicle mounted loading crane.

Other Info:

This course is designed for operators of a vehicle-mounted loading crane with under 10 metre tonnes capacity, if your vehicle loading crane has over 10m tonnes capacity, you are required to hold a valid HRW crane licence either CV or above, which is not covered in this course. Please read the following documents regarding how to determine if your crane has an over or under 10 metre tonnes capacity and lifting gear and licensed Dogman requirements.

How do I calculate the Metre x Tonne capacity of my Vehicle-Mounted Loading Crane?

Multiply the SWL (t) x the working radius (m) for that SWL = metre tonnes from the centre line of slew to the centre line of hook. This calculation must be done for each safe working load (SWL) on the load chart.  If any calculation equals 10 metre tonnes lifting capacity or greater, the crane operator will require a High Risk Work Licence. Please refer to our CV course for HRWL information or contact us on 1300 26 27 21 or email 

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