Nationally Recognised Training

Gantry Crane (Pendant-Type)

TLID3043 Shift loads using gantry equipment


Course Duration

4 hours

Course Cost

$1,800 per session (GST free)

This course is only delivered at your site using your gantry crane equipment and the above cost is based on a group of up to 10 participants per session.

Course Prerequisites

Participants must be over 18 years of age, be able to speak and understand English, understand technical concepts and provide suitable identification.

Course Overview

A National High Risk Work Licence is not required to operate a bridge or gantry crane that is controlled from the ground by a pendant and has three or less powered operations. However, in accordance with the WHS Act and Regulations 2011 under Primary Duty of Care, a PCBU must provide information, training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety arising from work carried out as part of the conduct of the business or undertaking.

Gantry crane training is a half day, nationally accredited course in the safe operation of a remote / pendant (or pendulum) operated gantry crane is provided at your site, using your equipment, for groups of up to 10 participants. Both theory and practical training is provided together with an assessment of participants’ skills and knowledge.

Course Content

  • Definitions and licensing requirements
  • Pre-operational inspection and safety checks
  • Hazard identification / Risk assessment
  • Planning the lift
  • Transferring the load
  • Use of lifting gear
  • Shutdown procedures
  • Emergency procedures

Course Outcomes

All successful participants meeting the assessment criteria will be issued a Statement of Attainment - TLID3043 Shift loads using gantry equipment.

What is NOT covered in this course?

If your type of equipment has more than 3 powered motions or is a “cabin controlled” gantry crane, then your operator will require a CB licence to operate it. If “slinging” techniques are required to move a load, you will need a qualified dogman with a DG licence to sling the load. This course does not cover these requirements, but please contact us for or other course information should you need a CB or DG licence.

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