Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have the over 11m license if I am operating an over 11m boom, but not going that high? : TopTop

    Yes you do. The licence class refers to the capacity of the boom length, not how high you are going or working. It is illegal to operate an over 11m boom lift unless you have a High Risk Work licence class WP, or are enrolled in a training course with an RTO.

  • Does every one in the platform/basket have to have a ticket? : TopTop

    This is not a yes or no question, it comes down to risk control. If the only trained/licenced operator became unable to operate the machine for whatever reason, how would you know how get back to ground level? At the very least, someone other than the operator should be trained how to operate the controls, either in the basket, or from the ground, as well as the back up emergency descent control.

  • Does the over 11m height restriction apply to Scissor Lifts? : TopTop

    No, it only applies to boom type elevating work platforms. A High Risk Work Licence is not required to operate any Scissor Lift. A separate course is available for operating Scissor Lifts. See our Accredited Yellow Card course for more information.

  • I have my over 11m Boom Lift license. Does that cover me for Scissor Lifts? : TopTop

    No, a Scissor Lift is a different plant type with different operating requirements, and separate training should be undertaken. See our Accredited Yellow Card course for more information.

  • Why doesn’t my Forklift licence cover me for Telehandlers? : TopTop

    A telehandler is very different to a forklift. Fork tynes on a telehandler are just one type of attachment that can be used. A telehandler has a telescoping variable reach boom, different SWL configurations, load charts and computers, and some similar operating requirements to a mobile crane. It also has stability issues that must be understood before operating one. See here for training requirements for Telehandlers.

  • What licence do I need to operate a Reach Stacker (telescoping container forklift) : TopTop

  • Do I need a different licence to operate a High Reach Forklift? : TopTop

    No. There are only two classes of Forklift Licence – General (LF) and Order Picker (LO)

    General (LF) covers counterbalanced forklifts of all sizes (except reach stacker container handling forklifts) and non-counterbalanced forklifts (sometimes known as reach stackers for pallets).

    Sometime additional training may be needed to get you familiar with the different types of general forklifts.

    Order Picker (LO) forklifts are used for picking small orders from racking, instead of pallets. This type means that you ride up with the load platform.

  • Verification of Competency [VOC] : TopTop

    What is it?

    New national Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws and regulations, effective January 2012, require PCBU’s (Persons conducting a business or undertaking) perform to ensure their workers have current competency for licences or qualifications they hold, and still possess the required skills and knowledge to operate or install plant safely and competently.

    Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that enables businesses to confirm that their workers or contractors are competent, and, meet their duty of care obligations.

    It is commonly used in many industries for pre-employment checks, pre-site mobilisation or as a condition of commencing work on site. 

    How are VOC’s performed?

    Assessments can take place by appointment at our Wetherill Park facility for the following: Elevating Work Platforms, Forklifts, Mobile Slewing Cranes, Dogging, Scissor Lifts.

    Our assessments include a theory quiz, verbal questioning and visual observation of your practical operating skills.

    You will need to bring any licences or certificates you hold, prior to VOC’s being conducted, and a resume/work history/references

    What happens after the VOC is completed?

    You will receive an assessment summary that can be used as evidence for currency. After payment is received, you will receive a plastic photo card stating the VOC conducted, valid for 2 years.

    What if I am assessed as not competent?

    You will be advised if any additional (gap) training is required before another VOC can be conducted.

    How long does it take?

    Each assessment takes approximately 2hrs and will depend on the type of plant and the requirements of the site.

    Who can do a VOC?

    VOCs are not a regulated activity (by ASQA or any WHS Regulator), so the qualifications required to do a VOC could be determined by the PCBU/principal contractor to a level that meets their legal obligation. In the event that a worker contributed to an incident causing serious injury or death, after a VOC had been performed, the PCBU or principal contractor would need to be able to demonstrate a robust and transparent VOC process.

    As the VOC is an assessment, it would be good practice to ensure the person conducting the VOC is competent to conduct an assessment, so an assessing qualification would satisfy that.

    Also, the person conducting the VOC should have some knowledge of the task/skill they are assessing, so it is logical that they should be able to demonstrate competence in the skill being assessed. This would be best demonstrated by the assessor holding the relevant unit of competency and /or HRW licence.

    Remember, this person and the PCBU/Principal Contractor may have to stand in a coroner's court to justify their professional opinion as to why a particular person was allowed to operate a piece of plant. It is essential that their evidence is credible when the Crown barrister asks questions like, "what qualified you to make a professional opinion?".

    VOCs conducted by independent third parties such as a Registered Training Organisation with appropriately skilled staff and insurance are transparently separate from any type of ‘in-house’ process conducted by someone who may or may not be considered to have the right skills, knowledge and qualifications to conduct a VOC.

    Cobra Training Services offers a wide range of VOC services, please contact us for more information.